The COVID-19 Chronicles: Part 1 – Lies, Censorship and Statistical Manipulation

In this article I am going to take you on a journey to expose the deception and manipulation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We will chronologically step through the contradictions, hypocrisy and lies emanating from the main stream media (MSM) and medical authorities, investigate and show how Big Tech companies are censoring groups and individuals, expose the gross negligence occurring in many hospitals, and finally, show how the COVID-19 statistics are being manipulated to create inflated numbers.




Hospitals overrun!




This has been the rhetoric blasting from the main stream media (MSM) and medical authorities for the past six months.

While the MSM pushes forth this narrative, citizen journalists all over the world have been fighting back with the counter-narrative, exposing the contradictions, misinformation and flat out lies these major news corporations and medical authorities have been publishing. Information on COVID-19 has been coming out at such break-neck speed it has honestly been hard to keep up:

While I have done a lot of individual research on this subject, this series can be seen more as an aggregation of data which highlights other people’s amazing work. The hope is to create a cohesive and flowing record of information to tease out what is really going on behind the facade of the Legacy Media (MSM) and Medical Mafia (Medical Authorities). To clarify, I am using the term ‘legacy’ to mean completely obsolete. I make no attempt in hiding my disdain for these propaganda machines:

Part one of this series is segmented into the following:

  1. Big Tech Censorship and Legacy Media Deception
  2. Gross Negligence
  3. Manipulation and Misrepresentation of COVID-19 Statistics

In subsequent articles we will be exploring how certain COVID-19 treatments are being suppressed while fast tracked vaccines are being pushed as the only viable solution. We will also look at who the big players are, what their motivations are and the desired societal transformation intended from this pandemic.

Part one of this series is essentially a primer.

Like my previous articles, links to content sources will be embedded in images. For any YouTube videos I embed I will try to provide links to their BitChute counterparts. This is due to YouTube’s egregious censorship of COVID-19 information (and many other subjects that go against their ever growing and very vague “polices”).

(Just before publishing this article many of the YouTube videos and Tweets I embedded were pulled down, hah!).

Big Tech Censorship and Legacy Media Deception

BitChute link.

I thought this (Sinclair’s Script) video compilation was a fitting way to open this section. It really does show how easy it is for the MSM to ‘flood the space’ with a particular narrative (which is an Event 201 reference we will discuss in a later article).

This segment will show how Big Tech companies and the MSM, at the behest of various Medical Authorities, are trying to brute-force the pandemic narrative, even though it is riddled with lies and contradictions, while at the same time criticise and censor citizen journalists for daring to question it. While I certainly agree there is misinformation out there, the censorship net these companies are throwing out are catching people who just want to have dialogue.

So lets jump into it!

On February 14, 2020, CNBC reported that big tech companies had met with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to figure out how to stop COVID-19 misinformation:

From very early in the piece, the organisational body that dictates global health, the WHO, was working with Big Tech companies to essentially ensure they had control of the narrative. The WHO met with companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Twilio, Dropbox, Alphabet’s Google, Verizon, Salesforce, Twitter and YouTube.

More on the WHO in Part Two of this series.

On March 1, 2020, US Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, warned that wearing face masks could increase the spread of coronavirus:

On April 1, 2020, CBS was caught using footage of an overflowing hospital ward that was actually shot in Italy:

From the article:

“CBS News has admitted that alarming footage of an overflowing ward used during a report on the coronavirus crisis in Big Apple hospitals was actually shot in Italy.”

If this is a national crisis, there is honestly no need to use another country’s footage.

On April 17, 2020, Facebook started cracking down on COVID-19 misinformation:

From the article:

“Domestically, its efforts to weed out foreign bots or government-backed groups intent on meddling in U.S. elections have been at the center of the debate.

But now, the Covid-19 pandemic has recast that familiar friction between unfettered free speech and responsible stewardship of the world’s largest online community as a matter of life and death.”

This is a somewhat ironic statement considering Facebook was likely seeded by DARPA:

(For Qanon newbies, go here for a quick intro, and here to find the drops.)

Around three weeks later, Facebook proceeded to purge a large number of Qanon accounts and groups from their platform:

Do I really need to point out how they were, and still are, trying to control the narrative by censoring individuals and groups who have dissenting opinions? In this case, using the very vague excuse of ‘Inauthentic Behavior’.

I mean, if I am being honest, this is no surprise. I left Facebook a while ago for greener pastures (aka GAB).

Around the same time Facebook announced its crack down on ‘COVID-19 misinformation’, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explained to CNN that content contradicting the WHO would be a violation of YouTube policies (and thus could be removed):

BitChute link.

Not only does she discuss the removal of “problematic” content, but also how YouTube has been “raising authoritative information” since the beginning of 2020.

Don’t talk about Vitamin C now… Unless of course it has been approved by the WHO.

Don’t forget, all this censorship is for our safety.

Do you feel extra safe now?

Can you feel the safeness?

So as you can see below, YouTube was pointing me to the bearers of unquestionable medical truth, the WHO:

And the Department of Health in Australia:

Twitter was also pointing me to the Australian Department of Health:

News Guard Tech was also playing its part by listing websites and high profile social media accounts that were (are) allegedly spreading COVID-19 ‘misinformation’:

If you aren’t familiar with News Guard Tech, they are essentially like Snopes but a browser extension, so in other words: a safety blanket for feeble minds.

You can clearly see from the above examples how big tech companies were on an Authoritative Rampage:

  • Removing groups and individuals who persistently challenge the established rhetoric (i.e. Qanon)
  • Blatantly stating that content going against the WHO will be deleted
  • Removing “problematic” content while boosting authoritative news
  • And listing websites and high profile social media accounts that allegedly spread COVID-19 ‘misinformation’

However, they were still struggling to maintain control…

On May 2, 2020, the Washington Post reported on how a Democratic-aligned political action committee was going to use DARPA funded AI technology to counter President Trump’s narrative on the coronavirus:

From the article (emphasis mine):

“The group, Defeat Disinfo, will use artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media. It will seek to intervene by identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across the country — in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against the president.”


Imagine being the Deep State, controlling a majority of MSM and big tech companies, and still needing to implement DARPA seeded AI technology to maintain control of the narrative.

Not only this, but actually pay prominent influencers to take sides against the president.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what PANIC looks like.

Jordan Sather gives a good breakdown on both Defeat Disinfo and News Guard Tech (as he was being targeted by News Tech Guard).

On May 6, 2020, Project Veritas released a story detailing how CBS was manufacturing COVID-19 news (again!):

This exposé shows how COVID-19 testing lines were fabricated for the CBS Morning Show.

If you are not familiar with Project Veritas, go check out their YouTube channel. They have done amazing exposés on other large Legacy Media organisations such as CNN. If the video above gets removed you can watch it here.

As stated before, if this really is a national crisis, there should be plenty of real footage to use…

On May 12, 2020, @Z_Eats_Bacon points out the hypocrisy of the MSM during the crisis:

Since @Z_Eats_Bacon was removed from Twitter, here is the video:

On May 13, 2020, Q also points us to the (continuing) hypocrisy of the Legacy Media:

For how much fear the MSM have been spreading on COVID-19, you think they would want to wear masks and practice better social distancing, right?

On May 21, 2020, Q points out the hypocrisy of Dr. Fauci:

Here is the Tweet that Q linked to:

Since Anonymous Q Patriot was put in Twitter jail, here is the video:

For those who don’t know, Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the leaders of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

On the same day, Q points out how the MSM are all wearing masks to maintain the global pandemic facade:

Big Tech censorship certainly didn’t stop either. On the same day (May 21, 2020), Google removed all Qanon Apps from its Play Store:

Do the Q drops above look like they contain “harmful information”? I didn’t realise using critical thinking and pointing out contradicting information was harmful?

It’s definitely harmful to those who wish to control the narrative.

On May 23, 2020, Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia was caught in a large group with no mask:

How can this leader be so negligent during a pandemic? Didn’t he get Dr. Fauci’s revised face mask intel? I guess it is hard to keep up with all the contradicting information emanating from these ‘experts’.

(I know this isn’t the MSM or Big Tech, but it will tie into the discussion in later articles.)

On May 26, 2020, MSNBC is called out for their hypocrisy:

Since @KarluskaP was removed from Twitter, here is the video:

On May 28, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci admits masks are not 100% effective and are more symbolic:

Say what?!

On June 7, 2020, MSNBC publishes an article which they then contradict a week later:

I didn’t know infectious diseases were mitigated by gathering in large numbers to fight racism but spread so easily when gathering in large numbers for a political rallies?

Dammit guys, we had the cure all along!

On June 8, 2020, NPR runs contradicting headlines:

If this really is a deadly pandemic, everyone should remain in isolation, no exceptions, right?

On the same day, the WHO says that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is ‘very rare’:

A day later, on June 9, 2020, the WHO immediately contradict themselves by saying that up to 40% of cases are caused by asymptomatic carriers:

The term ‘very rare‘ is highly subjective, however to give a rough quantification of ‘rare‘, according to the European Union, a disease is defined as rare when it affects fewer than 1 in 2,000 people (which is 0.05%). So we can be extremely conservative and say that 10% is classified as ‘rare‘, and the WHO is still at odds with themselves.

Note: the CNBC article above was updated two days later and shows the WHO backtracking on their original statement.

On June 10, 2020, @KarluskaP points out more MSM hypocrisy:

Again, since @KarluskaP was removed from Twitter, here is the video:

You can even pinpoint the moment he realises what a disgrace he is:

On June 13, 2020, Time publishes two contradicting headlines:

I thought the WHO said up to 40% of all COVID-19 cases were caused by asymptomatic carriers? Why would health professionals support gathering in large groups?

On June 14, 2020, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says coronavirus face masks promote freedom:

Yes, this is the very same Surgeon General who a few months earlier was saying that face masks could increase the spread of coronavirus…

Fauci himself also went from saying masks were “unessential” to a “symbol of what you should be doing”.


Why would these two health leaders change their stance so quickly? Particularly when many established studies show that protection via a face mask is still inconclusive:

From the article:

“As for the scientific support for the use of face mask, a recent careful examination of the literature, in which 17 of the best studies were analyzed, concluded that, “ None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.”1   Keep in mind, no studies have been done to demonstrate that either a cloth mask or the N95 mask has any effect on transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Any recommendations, therefore, have to be based on studies of influenza virus transmission. And, as you have seen, there is no conclusive evidence of their efficiency in controlling flu virus transmission.”

Even the New England Journal of Medicine admits that “… wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.”

I would say the masks are symbolic of acquiescence, which I will elaborate on more in a future article.

On July 17, 2020, CBS runs another COVID-19 piece which clearly shows a mannequin in an ICU ward (0:25min):

I think the real pandemic is CBS’s inability to deliver factual news.

On July 19, 2020, Channel 7 News in Australia is caught using hospital footage from Italy:

It’s almost as if countries all over the world don’t have their own “overflowing hospital” footage to use.

On July 21, 2020, Twitter had a full on meltdown because of Qanon, leading to a censorship rampage:

This resulted in 7000 accounts being removed and potentially 150,000 more suspended.

Are the Q drops I shared earlier inciting violence?

It’s hilariously absurd.

I have been highlighting Qanon censorship throughout this section because it is this community that persistently challenges the nonsense coming from the Legacy Media (among many other things). The whole coronavirus situation has provided the perfect cover to purge these people from the digital world:

  • Facebook: purged a large number Qanon accounts
  • Google: removed all Qanon Apps from the Play Store
  • Twitter: purged a large number Qanon accounts and are cracking down on “Qanon activity”

Ahh, I feel so much safer now.


On August 29, 2020, the CDC Tweets about the efficacy of cloths masks for wildfires:

People quickly pointed out that coronavirus particles are much smaller than wildfire particles:

Looks like masks don’t do much after all.

On September 18, 2020, Spanish journalist Ana Rosa Quintana gets busted for using pandemic footage from China (and trying to pass it off as footage from Madrid):

On September 21, 2020, she apologised for the blatant propaganda:

These people are a joke.

On January 9, 2021, Twitter permanently banned President Trump:

Many other Big Tech platforms followed suit:

This was for allegedly inciting his followers to riot and storm Capitol Hill, which if you listen to everything President Trump said leading up to the event, is a complete lie.

Utterly absurd.

What does this have to do with COVID-19?

Well, as we will see next, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was caught on hidden camera detailing how this censorship will continue many months after the election, including the focus on Qanon.

On January 15, 2021, Project Veritas released hidden camera footage of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, detailing the agenda for further political censorship:

It even made it onto Tucker Carlson segment on Fox News:

So as we can see, the censorship has gotten completely out of hand, and includes people who are outspoken on the COVID-19 narrative.


So finally, we get to the TikTok nurse videos that were making the rounds on social media. I am sure most of you saw these videos, and I am sure that most of you cringed so hard you temporarily lost your sense of ego-self and experienced a transcendental state of oneness with all of creation…

The main video that caused public backlash was the re-enactment of the coffin dancers meme using a fake COVID-19 body-bag:

The reason I bring this up is because these videos seem to contradict the ‘national health emergency’ narrative. They also contradict the narrative that hospitals were, and are, overrun. And yes, I am well aware that hospitals in low-impact zones will have more time to make these videos… But come on, the MSM have been running videos of front-line nurses crying while at the same time highlighting these ‘feel-good’ TikTok nurse videos.

If that is not enough, the Instagram account @plandemic_2020 has uploaded over 500 videos of alleged front-line nurses fooling around in this manner:

Go have a look and see what you think.

You can also check out the many YouTube videos covering this topic:

There seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence floating around (and that I have heard personally), that in fact, many hospitals are pretty quiet (at the time of writing this), because people are scared to go out. Some of the comments from the above video:

One more thing I think all readers should look at before moving on to the next section, is this:

Which was brought to my attention by Amazing Polly and was written all the way back in 2005. While I covered propaganda and soft mind control at length in my last article, this Slate piece resonates with what is unfolding presently, which is why I have included it.

The above article literally details how private companies help create propaganda pieces for the government. While this article focuses on a private firm called Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), a small U.K. firm specialising in “influence operations”, it raises the question on how many other companies in the private sector are being utlised for propaganda and how often? Surely these guys don’t have a monopoly. From the article (emphasis mine):

“If SCL has its way, its vision of strategic communications—which involves complex psychological and scientific data—could be used to shape public response to tsunamis, epidemics, or even the next Hurricane Katrina.

Well aware that the company may face controversy, particularly with its push into the defense market, Broughton emphasizes the company’s role in saving lives.

“It sounds altruistic,” he said. “There is some altruism in it, but we also want to earn money.””

But, but… Propaganda ended after the Cold War, the MSM doesn’t do that anymore… They strive to bring us facts and fight fake news…

Gross Negligence

In this section we will briefly explore the malpractice that seems to be plaguing many hospitals in New York City (NYC) with respect to COVID-19 patients. This includes things like mixing non-COVID patients with COVID-positive patients, unnecessary sedation and ventilation leading to death, and reporting people as COVID-confirmed despite testing negative.

I strongly recommend taking the time to listen to the following testimony.

First we have Nurse Nicole Sirotek’s testimony:

We also have Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski:

(@Ih8uJ is another victim of Twitter’s censorship rampage)

The excerpt above was taken from episode nine of the Perspectives on the Pandemic series:

Please make some time to watch this, it is shocking.

Erin details the egregious malpractice that was occurring in the infamous Elmhurst Hospital in NYC. She basically said that they were murdering patients by pushing sedation and ventilation treatments.

She also shows how patients were being reported as “COVID confirmed” even though they tested negative, which we will discuss in the next section.

Nurse practitioner Sara also came forward to share her friend’s experience in a NYC front-line hospital:

BitChute link.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, ER and critical care doctor from NYC, shares his experience:

BitChute link.

It is interesting that all this malpractice seems to be occurring primarily in NYC and that patients are being pushed onto ventilators. This will be important to remember going into the next section.

When talking about gross negligence, we should definitely add the Legacy Media to this list. Or, perhaps with respect to the 2005 Slate article on private propaganda organisations, purposeful deception.

Manipulation and Misrepresentation of COVID-19 Statistics

In this section we will explore how the COVID-19 numbers are being allowed to artificially inflate.

This is probably the most important section of the article because it is the COVID-19 statistics, more specifically the death rates, that are driving so many of the draconian measures we see being implemented in the US and all across the world right now. Fearful people happily abdicate their rights to acquire temporary safety.

So lets get into it.

In late March Dr. Anthony Fauci, with the support of Dr. Deborah Birx, downgraded the estimated number of deaths in the USA from 1.7-2.2 million to a possible 200,000 in late March:

Dr. Fauci throwing the first pitch of the 2020 baseball season

We will get into the dodgy pandemic modelling in a later article.

On April 6, 2020, Candace Owens points to an article by the New York Times that discusses the large drop in heart attacks and strokes:

The next day, on April 7, 2020, the Feds classify all coronavirus patients who die of any cause to be added to the COVID-19 death count (what a coincidence huh?):

This surely wouldn’t muddy the waters when it comes to tabulating actual deaths from COVID-19…

Later down the track Elon Musk took to Twitter and expressed his disapproval of the classification:

On April 9, 2020, Senator Dr. Scott Jensen from Minnesota went on The Ingraham Angle to discuss how the AMA is encouraging American doctors to over-count coronavirus deaths across the US:

Take a few minutes and watch this interview:

BitChute link.

Senator Dr. Scott Jensen from the interview:

“Right now Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do.”

Well, well, well… The plot thickens.

So now we find out there are financial incentives for hospitals to have COVID-19 patients.

Referring back to the previous section, remember how patients were allegedly being pushed onto ventilators in NYC hospitals?

On April 14, 2020, the New York Times publishes an article detailing the soaring death rate in NYC from COVID-19:

Say what?!

“3,700 people…”

“Never tested positive for the virus…”

“Presumed to have died from it.”

Are they serious?

It wouldn’t surprise me if that photo was also staged (like the CBS report discussed earlier).

Keep the word presumed in mind, because it pops up later.

Three days later, on April 17, 2020, the New York Times publishes a piece discussing the haziness surrounding the COVID-19 death rates:

Jeez… I wonder if it is because of the Feds’ classification of COVID-19 deaths?

On April 22, 2020, a ‘hot mic’ conversation is captured in the White House briefing room between two reporters, John Roberts and New York Times photographer Doug Mills, talking candidly about the mortality rate of COVID-19 actually being around 0.1% to 0.3%, based on a USC and LA County public health study that had been released:

BitChute link.

The study they are referring to is this:

From the study:

“Based on testing results from 863 adults, the research team estimates that approximately 4.1% of the county’s adult population has antibody to the virus. Adjusting this estimate for statistical margin of error implies about 2.8% to 5.6% of the county’s adult population has antibody to the virus— which translates to approximately 221,000 to 442,000 adults in the county who have had the infection. That estimate is 28 to 55 times higher than the 7,994 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported to the county by the time of the study in early April. The number of COVID-related deaths in the county has now surpassed 600.”

This does indeed give a mortality rate of around 0.1-0.3%. This is for L.A. County, but does give an indicator that the virus is nowhere near as deadly as what is being portrayed in the media.

In early May, it is discovered that the CDC had quietly separated out COVID-19-pneumonia and COVID-19-influenza deaths from pure COVID-19 deaths:

When I first saw this Tweet it kind of confirmed what I had been thinking but hadn’t seen any solid proof of yet; that the COVID-19 numbers were being manipulated. So I checked the CDC data at the time of writing this and compared it to other statistical websites reporting on COVID-19 (I will provide a breakdown at the end):

1. CDC Data

2. Google Data

The Google results (taken from Wikipedia) show a death toll of 81,378 compared to the 49,867 pure COVID-19 deaths from the CDC:

COVID-19 Data from Google (Wikipedia) as of May 11 2020

3. Worldometer Data

The Worldometer results show a death toll of 80,037 compared to the 49,867 pure COVID-19 deaths from the CDC:

COVID-19 Data from Worldometer as of May 12 2020

4. Statistia Data

The Statistia results show a death toll of 78,771 compared to the 49,867 pure COVID-19 deaths from the CDC:

COVID-19 Data from Statista as of May 10 2020


The death rates of COVID-19 reported by the CDC practically halved after the COVID-19-pneumonia and COVID-19-influenza cases were separated out. By re-categorising these numbers it created a huge discrepancy to what other statistical websites were (and still are) reporting. Some people may argue that it is reasonable to include the COVID-19-Influenza and COVID-19-Pneumonia to the overall deaths, which is a valid point, but if we do a one-to-one comparison, we can see from the CDC data that the total deaths caused by pneumonia (not linked to COVID-19) are far greater than pure COVID-19 deaths (74,756 compared to 49,867).

Based off the Statistia data above, the mortality rate is approximately 6%, which is significantly higher than the USC and LA County public health study which approximates 0.1% to 0.3%.

Other interesting things we see in the statistical data are the words presumed and probable, which I have highlighted above. The CDC data above specifies that the numbers include deaths of people who were confirmed and presumed to have had COVID-19. This is very important to note and actually comes from the CDC’s guidance for certifying COVID-19 deaths (emphasis mine):

“In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely. However, please note that testing for COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible.”

So, a few very important questions:

  1. From the CDC data, how many of the total deaths from pure COVID-19 were confirmed and how many were presumed (CDC Note 1)? What is the ratio? 60% confirmed, 40% presumed?
  2. Under what circumstances would you not be able to test for COVID-19 (and just presume)? The CDC guideline states that it should be tested whenever possible.
  3. With the revised classification of COVID-19 deaths, how many of the total deaths listed by the CDC were actually from the disease itself? How many were heart attacks, strokes or some other disease? What is the ratio? 35% from COVID-19, 65% other disease?
  4. From the CDC data, influenza deaths include deaths with pneumonia or COVID-19 (CDC Note 4). So how many were with COVID-19 and how many were with pneumonia? 80% influenza-pneumonia, 20% influenza-COVID-19? (See how vague this is?)
  5. From the Worldometer data above, New York has the highest death rate per million. With respect to the testimony we looked at in the last section, how many of these NYC COVID-19 deaths were due to gross negligence?

Remember how officials added 3700 deaths to the NYC COVID-19 death count, even though they never tested positive for COVID-19? With such good financial incentives and a very vague classification system (to potentially provide legal cover), you can bet there was (is) a lot presuming going on, particularly if hospitals are underfunded.

On May 2, 2020, The Gateway Pundit highlights a report from the CDC that compares COVID-19 hospitalisation to that of the seasonal flu for people over 65 years:

On May 2, 2020, Q points to a graph that was put together earlier in the year from National Center for Heath Statistics (NCHS) data:

This chart shows a steep drop in pneumonia deaths around early March, which is highly suspicious when compared to other flu seasons. If isolation measures caused this dip, you would expect COVID-19 deaths to also dip during this time, which we don’t see. Another explanation is that these “missing” pneumonia deaths are being classified as COVID-19 deaths and thus artificially boosting the numbers.

On May 3, 2020, a test was undertaken at the behest of Magufuli, the Tanzania president, to check coronavirus kits:

From the article:

“Magufuli, who has consistently downplayed the effect of the virus, said on Sunday he had secretly had animals, fruits and vehicle oil tested at the laboratory. A papaya, a quail and a goat had been found to be positive, according to the president.

He cast doubt on the credibility of laboratory equipment and technicians and questioned official data on the pandemic.”


The Legacy Media responded:

“In recent news, papaya sales have plummeted due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak within the Caricaceae family. Health officials are encouraging citizens to ensure that all fruit remaining in the house practice social distancing and wear face masks at all times”

– Legacy Media

(No, this isn’t a real quote)

This raises the question of false positives and its impact on the statistics we are seeing.

Which organisations are sending out these dodgy kits?

On May 13, 2020, the Montezuma County Coroner’s Office disputes the state’s claim of a third fatal case of the coronavirus in Cortez, saying the person died of alcohol poisoning:

Just a few days later, on May 15, 2020, the San Diego County supervisor says that 6 of the 194 confirmed deaths are ‘pure, solely coronavirus’ deaths:

On May 20, 2020, it is reported that health officials in at least three US states had been combining COVID-19 diagnostic tests and antibody tests, skewing their data:

Whoops! How silly of them.

The states involved include Texas, Virginia and Vermont.

On May 22, 2020, Q points to a Request for Correction on the ASPE (Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation) website, that is directed towards the CDC:

This was written by a pediatrician who questioned the statistics put out by the CDC on influenza deaths. Not only this, but how these skewed statistics were being used in conjunction with the media to increase the demand for flu shots.

From the request:

“At the 2004 “National Influenza Vaccine Summit,” co-sponsored by CDC and the American Medical Association, Glen Nowak, associate director for communications at the NIP, spoke on using the media to boost demand for the vaccine. One step of a “Seven-Step `Recipe’ for Generating Interest in, and Demand for, Flu (or any other) Vaccination” occurs when “medical experts and public health authorities publicly…state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes)—and urge influenza vaccination” ( Another step entails “continued reports…that influenza is causing severe illness and/or affecting lots of people, helping foster the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza.” Preceding the summit, demand had been low early into the 2003 flu season. “At that point, the manufacturers were telling us that they weren’t receiving a lot of orders for vaccine for use in November or even December,” recalled Dr Nowak on National Public Radio. “It really did look like we needed to do something to encourage people to get a flu shot.” If flu is in fact not a major cause of death, this public relations approach is surely exaggerated. Moreover, by arbitrarily linking flu with pneumonia, current data are statistically biased. Until corrected and until unbiased statistics are developed, the chances for sound discussion and public health policy are limited.”

– Kenneth Stoller, International Hyperbaric Medical Association

(Sarcasm BEGIN)

Vaccine manufacturers trying to increase profits?! That’s ridiculous! That’s not how business works.

The people in the CDC and AMA spearheading this definitely wouldn’t get any kickbacks or benefits from this arrangement… Corruption simply doesn’t exist in the medical industry.

(Sarcasm FIN)

Q also mentions that this same problem can be applied to the COVID-19 data reports, which we have investigated already.

Amazing Polly goes into great detail on this and I strongly recommend watching her video:

On May 27, 2020, Italy’s national health authority (ISS) reports that the majority of deaths with coronavirus (in Italy) have occurred in the presence of two or more serious chronic illnesses:

From the article:

“The most common comorbidities were arterial hypertension (in 68.3 percent of cases), type-2 diabetes (30.1 percent of cases), ischemic heart disease (in 28.2 percent), atrial fibrillation (22.5 percent), chronic renal failure (20.4 percent).

The report also revealed an average age of 81 among those who have died with coronavirus in Italy. One of the most astonishing findings of the report was that only 1.1 percent of all coronavirus deaths in the country happened to people below the age of 50, while more than 57 percent were over 80.”

On May 28, 2020, Q points out how Japan ended its COVID-19 emergency with only 850 deaths and no lockdown:

So how does a country with a much higher population density (approx. 350 people per square kilometer), and no lockdown restrictions, have significantly less deaths than a country (USA) with a very low population density (approx. 40 people per square kilometer) and lockdown measures implemented?

Q continues to hammer this point:

On June 11, 2020, @HYVEE7 shares a video of epicenter nurse, Erin Marie Olszewski, discussing how patients who have repeatedly tested negative for COVID-19, were being described as ‘COVID confirmed’:

This is from the same series discussed earlier: Perspectives on the Pandemic – Episode Nine.

On June 30, 2020, the CDC updated their COVID-19 antibody test information:

From the article (emphasis mine):

“A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.

Remember how health officials in Texas, Virginia and Vermont were mixing diagnostic and antibody tests? Well some of these antibody test results may simply be from your garden variety cold.

On July 2, 2020, it’s reported that Orange County “mistakenly” did the same thing, that is, mixing diagnostic and antibody tests:

Just another unfortunate “mistake”, nothing to see here.

On July 7, 2020, Dr. Scott Jensen (who was on The Ingraham Angle in April) announced he was under investigation by the Board of Medical Practice for spreading public “misinformation” regarding the completion of death certificates, and giving “reckless advice” comparing COVID-19 with the flu:

On July 16, 2020, it is reported that the state of Texas had to remove over 3,000 COVID-19 positive cases:

There it is, the probable versus confirmed issue I raised earlier.

On the same day, Andrew Bostom compares the Texas Department of Health influenza statistics from 2018 and 2019 to the COVID-19 statistics from 2020:

Wow, much deadly, so scare.

On July 17, 2020, Newsmax White House Correspondent, Emerald Robinson, reports that the CDC has been misreporting coronavirus data to inflate numbers:

You don’t say.

On July 18, 2020, Paul Sperry Tweets that even more states in the US have “mistakenly” mixed positive antibody results in with viral tests for COVID-19:

As discussed earlier, these antibodies could be from a common coronavirus cold.

On July 19, 2020, the Independent reports that the UK government has halted the publication of daily coronavirus deaths over “statistical flaws” that might render the data inaccurate:

Again, no surprises here.

On July 21, 2020, a total of 90 out of 144 people tested between June 15 and July 17 received a false positive due to a flaw in the test:

*Shock and Awe*

On July 22, 2020, Dr. Simone Gold is interviewed by Fleccas Talks and discusses the fraud going on with the COVID-19 numbers:

Some important points Dr. Gold raises:

  • That the MSM keep using the term “cases” when what they actually mean are “people who tested positive”. The majority of these people are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Only a very small percentage are very severe and require hospitalisation.
  • That people are getting positive results when it is impossible. For example, she has had multiple people contact her saying they had signed up for the COVID-19 test and then decided not to go through with it. A week later they are getting a message saying they are COVID-19 positive.
  • If you test positive multiple times, each test is being included.
  • If someone tests positive in a large group and other people in that group show similar symptoms, they are automatically chalked up as positive without being tested.


On July 31, 2020, Texas downgraded its COVID-19 deaths after an ‘Automation Error’:

On August 19, 2020, Dr. Luis De Benito calls out the Spanish Legacy Media for their reporting on the pandemic numbers:

BitChute link.

It’s funny because the anchors were clearly irate when they started losing control of their established talking points.

On August 26, 2020, the CDC had again updated their numbers:

So only 6% of all the cases were purely from COVID-19…

All other cases had on average 2.6 other conditions or causes per death, including 20,000+ cardiac arrests!

This number lines up with Italy’s national health authority, the ISS, reporting that only 4% of all deaths were purely from COVID-19.

Notice how President Trump retweeted this?

The Legacy Media and Big Tech were quick in trying to put out this spot-fire:

How is it a false claim when it is coming directly from the CDC?

On September 5, 2020, it is reported that dead people are contracting COVID-19 and need to isolate:

On the same day, September 5, 2020, Channel 7 news in Australia discusses misleading death tolls to match the Victoria COVID-19 roadmap narrative:

On September 8, 2020, Ivor Cummins gives a crucial breakdown of the data so far, including the excess deaths being reported by the MSM:

BitChute link.

Around the same time of this video, many people were keeping track of the total deaths in the USA for 2020 (based on CDC data) and comparing it to previous years:

As you can see 2020 is on track to be the same as previous years.

On November 13, 2020, the British Medical Journal published an article detailing the the politicisation, corruption, and suppression of science surrounding COVID-19, which includes controversy surrounding the point-of-care antibody testing:

From the article:

“Now, a new example concerns the controversy over point-of-care antibody testing for covid-19. [8] The prime minister’s Operation Moonshot depends on immediate and wide availability of accurate rapid diagnostic tests. [9] It also depends on the questionable logic of mass screening—currently being trialled in Liverpool with a suboptimal PCR test.[10] [11].

The incident relates to research published this week by The BMJ, which finds that the government procured an antibody test that in real world tests falls well short of performance claims made by its manufacturers.[12][13] Researchers from Public Health England (PHE) and collaborating institutions sensibly pushed to publish their study findings before the government committed to buying a million of these tests but were blocked by the health department and the prime minister’s office.[14] Why was it important to procure this product without due scrutiny?”

Basically the rapid tests procured by the government were presented to be 99% accurate by the manufacturer, while in actual fact the real-world accuracy was 84.7%. The PHE study showing this fact was blocked by the government and they proceeded to purchase the tests anyway. Don’t forget that antibody tests can produce a positive result for your garden variety coronavirus cold!

In late November, the Australian Government’s Department of Health released an influenza surveillance report for 2020.

This report is constantly updated but shows that influenza basically disappeared right after the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic (March 11, 2020):

Wow, nobody hospitalised by influenza this year! It’s a miracle!

Notice how Figure 7 doesn’t include data between January and March? It only shows data after the pandemic was declared.

The thick red line shows steep drop off in laboratory confirmed influenza at the end of March, 2020.

What a coincidence, eh?

Many NPCs will say that this is due to masks and social distancing, which is contradictory:

The report even follows this line of logic:

Either influenza was completely eradicated or they stopped testing for it and these missing cases are being reported as COVID-19.

On November 20, 2020, a Portuguese court ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and quarantines unlawful:

From the article:

“In their ruling, judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés referred to several scientific studies. Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.”

This is the same test whose inventor, Kary Mullis, said “… with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody”.

As expected this court ruling was totally ignored by the Legacy Media.

On November 27, 2020, an external review of the “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR” publication, put out by Eurosurveillance in January, 2020, showed that they had not isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus when developing the PCR diagnostic methodology:

I need to emphasise that to date (as of November 27, 2020), no validation has been performed by the authors of the original report based on isolated SARS-CoV-2!

They essentially say that the COVID-19 PCR test is useless:

On December 11, 2020, an Austrian lawmaker, Michael Schnedlitz, tested cola for COVID-19 in parliament and got a COVID-positive result:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-54.png

This test was undertaken during a speech accusing the government of medical tyranny. Now whether or not this was a “publicity stunt” as some claim, in which he didn’t perform the test correctly, it still raises questions.

On April 8, 2021, an Austrian court ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and lockdowns have no legal basis:


Anyway, I could go on and on, but need to wrap it up somewhere. I am sure more information will come to light after this article is published.

As you can see, there is a lot of deception and misinformation around the entire COVID-19 pandemic. All the evidence we have looked at so far indicates extremely inflated mortality rates.

But Self Existence, who cares, lock down wasn’t that bad! It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

I guess the next question we need to ask ourselves is:


Why would the Medical Authorities and Legacy Media knowingly deceive the public?

This is something we will delve into in the next few articles.

Part Two of this COVID-19 series will cover:

  • The suppression of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Chlorine Dioxide and other COVID-19 treatments
  • The relentless push for a fast tracked vaccine

Before signing off, I have a quick PSA:

Readers who support free speech but still use Facebook and Twitter, I highly recommend switching to GAB, a social media platform that allows you to speak your mind without the fear of being sent to the digital gulag for wrong-think. Collectively we can help collapse these Orwellian Big Tech platforms.

Thanks for reading.


God Bless.

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  1. Main Stream Media is comprised by many competing companies. To suggest they somehow have a common agenda to twist, or modify their news reporting ignores that they compete and are free to report news as they see it, and suggests a degree of paranoia on the part of your writer.

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