Subversive Occult Symbolism and Predictive Programming in Pop Culture: Part 1 – F is for Family

So a little background before I jump into this. I was flicking through Netflix not too long ago and decided to watch F is for Family Season 2. I am a big Bill Burr fan and enjoyed the first season  so I decided to jump in.

During Episode 3, something caught my attention, so much so that I went back to do a double take. It was the all-seeing eye in a pyramid, or the Eye of Providence, a well-known Freemasonic/occult symbol:

It even had the rays of illumination you see when it is typically portrayed:

After spotting the Eye of Providence and with a decent understanding of Freemasonry and occultism, I decided to scour the season to see what else I could uncover… And boy did I find a lot. Not just of occult symbolism, but a multitude of subliminal messages, Gematria encodings and straight up, in your face, overt statements. Before I jump into the main analysis I would like to give some background to those who may be new to this subject matter. This is to give an understanding of how and more importantly why subversive symbolism and predictive programming is utilised. If you are well versed in these topics you could probably skip these sections, however I still recommend reading through for the sake of continuity and flow.

A brief discussion on Freemasonry and it’s infiltration

I should make it very clear that I do not think true Freemasonry is evil or nefarious, in fact true Freemasonry at its core, like many other mystery traditions, teaches about theology, psychology, Natural Law, the nature of consciousness and so forth. So why have many mystery traditions occulted this knowledge? All good work is done in the light of day, right? Well what if you had a group of people who wanted to dominate and rule humanity no matter the cost? Knowledge on subjects that pose a threat to your (illusory) power and rulership would certainly not be welcome. Particularly knowledge that could remove the mental shackles from the human race once integrated into the collective consciousness of man. Well, one would think that you would want to suppress, distort and obfuscate such information and persecute those who spoke it. To elaborate more, here is an excerpt from The Kybalion [1]:

“But there were always a few faithful souls who kept alive the Flame, tending it carefully, and not allowing its light to become extinguished. And thanks to these staunch hearts, and fearless minds, we have the truth still with us. But it is not found in books, to any great extent. It has been passed along from Master to Student; from Initiate to Hierophant; from lip to ear. When it was written down at all, its meaning was veiled in terms of alchemy and astrology, so that only those possessing the key could read it aright. This was made necessary in order to avoid the persecutions of the theologians of the Middle Ages, who fought the Secret Doctrine with fire and sword; stake, gibbet and cross. Even to this day there will be found but few reliable books on the Hermetic Philosophy, although there are countless references to it in many books written on various phases of Occultism. And yet, the Hermetic Philosophy is the only Master Key which will open all the doors of the Occult Teachings!”

It is very clear however, that the Freemasons among many others (if not all) secret orders, have become infiltrated, perverted and transformed over time by a very dark and psychopathic group who have existed for millennia. This network (or even force) goes by many names today, such as The Cabal / Dark Luciferians / Satanists / Setians / Archons / Illuminati / NWO Elites / Dark Atonists / Dark Occultists etc. Michael Tsarion, who is a great scholar in the area of ancient cultures and occultism, discusses in his work the origins of this group and how it traces back to the Cult of Aton, a Sun cult of ancient Egypt. He discusses the idea of Light and how it not only reveals but can conceal simultaneously and how it represents the intellect. Other researchers attribute this cult’s origin to Babylon and Sumer. Mark Passio, who is actually an ex-satanic priest of the church of Satan, emphasises that the members do not have a name which they go by, and regardless of what you want to call them, at their core they are a dark solar cult.

It is interesting that the Solar or Sun principle is an occult representation of one half of the generative force, that is, the Masculine. While the moon and stars is analogous to the Feminine creative force. These principles manifest in the dualistic form of the human brain; the cerebral hemispheres. Left (Masculine or Yang) in charge of logic, reasoning, analytics, aggression, activeness, language, mathematics, and control. Right (Feminine or Yin) is in charge of holistic thought, intuition, creativity, art, music, passiveness, compassion and submission.

If either one dominates there is an imbalance in the equilibrium in nature. If you don’t have balance you have unhealthy manifestation of these principles. So it is interesting to note that this is a Dark Solar Cult.

The idea of anonymity in this shadow cult is reinforced by John Robison, who was a professor of Natural Philosophy (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in the 1700s. In his 1798 book titled “Proofs of a Conspiracy” the order discusses itself [2]:

“The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it.”

This book not only discusses the order, but also its infiltration into the Masonic lodges. Bill Cooper has a good interview with a 32nd Degree Freemason (Scottish Rite) discussing the current state of the Masonic Order. As many researchers and scholars have documented the many facets of this topic in great detail, I will not delve too deeply at this time. I am simply trying to establish their motivations, beliefs and agenda as I will be discussing these during the decoding of this Netflix series. So to put it as simply as possible:

This cult’s goal is to keep humanity disconnected from the Divine (or disconnected from their own divine nature within the universe) and to remain as rulers (gods) on this Earth.

I cannot simplify this any further. They are psychopathic and ancient masters of psychology. They have infiltrated almost every facet of society today, exerting their influence from the shadows. They employ obfuscation, deceit, illusion, projection, coercion, violence and most importantly fear to control and sway the masses. They engage in some of the most horrific and foul practices imaginable. The occult knowledge differential existing between them and the average person gives them an extreme advantage in executing their plans. If you understand someone better than they understand themselves this process is a piece of cake; especially when man, in his ignorance and arrogance, views himself as the epitome of intelligence in this universe. The average person for the most part is good, and so comprehension of such evil is unfathomable (particularly when it comes to authority), yet it exists none the less, regardless of whether one believes it or not.

To distinguish the difference between true Freemasonry and the perverted version I will refer to true or Light Masonry as Freemasonry and perverted or Dark Masonry as simply Masonry. Freemasonry is a tapestry and should be looked at in conjunction with many other mystery traditions to grasp its meaning and teachings. Occult does not mean evil, it simply means to hide, or something that is hidden.

To help make the article more palatable, here are a few relevant points on Freemasonry:

  • A large majority of Freemasons are not evil, especially at the lower levels. As more about Freemasonry is becoming known to the public, the Satanic perversion of this society has been funneled to the highest levels and a top down influence applied.
  • The Lodge system is ritualistic and compartmentalized in which members work through the ranks to acquire more ‘knowledge’ and become ‘illuminated’.
  • Dark Occultists like to apply inversion to everything, as they have rejected the divine, the inversion of God’s creation is the truth in their twisted world view. They don’t like that they are bound by Natural Law.
  • The Dark Masons believe they are the ‘builders’ of this new world (order) or (Dark) Great Work and they will be the priests or gods (with a small ‘g’) when their god Lucifer is finally adopted as the universal religion.
  • Light Masons are doing the (Light) Great Work and teach about the Self and Natural Law.
  • They hold many high positions in various facets of society (including many past Presidents)
  • They love symbolism and ritual
  • The lodge system is quite racist and sexist even though they don’t portray themselves as such (dark occultists are heavily into eugenics)
  • They have links to the other secret mystery schools such as the Knights of Malta and other common religions such as the Mormons
  • Masons refer to the general population as ‘Profane’ (unenlightened/ungodly)
  • Many researchers claim there are many more degrees above the honourary 33rd degree
  • Some 33rd degree sigils have the motto “Ordo ab chao” or “Order out of Chaos”.

David Icke among other researchers parallels this phrase to the Problem-Reaction-Solution method employed by the controlling dominator forces, in which they manufacture a problem (such as a False Flag attack), create the reaction they know it will induce, and offer the solution they wanted to implement from the very beginning . This methodology is derived from the Hegelian Dialectic. Other researchers refer to this as Chaos Sorcery in which chaos is manufactured within society and then order can be restored with the agenda they wanted to enact from the beginning. From a true Freemasonic perspective, this phrase is not inherently ‘bad’, but has simply been adopted for the purposes of control. Mark Passio, an expert in the field of the occult, describes this in his podcast ‘What on Earth is Happening’ [3]:

“Another more positive way to look at ‘order out of chaos’, which is the real deep esoteric understanding of this phrase, is that when chaos ensues to the point where one must recognize that the ego is creating that chaos and that they cannot stay in that state of ego identification, eventually one will look into the causal factors and the causal relationships of the state of consciousness, or I should say ‘lack thereof’, that created the situation to begin with. And only by understanding those Natural Law principles can they ever effectively create good or order in their lives.”

Essentially he is saying that from the chaos the ego creates, there is an opportunity for one to create order or harmony by consciously and willingly taking the journey out of the ego and the suffering it causes, towards contemplation on their own divine conscious nature and becoming aware of how it functions within the bounds of Natural Law. We are in turn ‘in tune’ with the Nature of the Universe. This is an abstract concept to some, but to the wise, it is the Truth.

A brief discussion on symbols

“By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language. Rejecting man-conceived dialects as inadequate and unworthy to perpetuate divine ideas, the Mysteries thus chose symbolism as a far more ingenious and ideal method of preserving their transcendental knowledge. In a single figure a symbol may both reveal and conceal, for to the wise the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable.” [4]

– Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree Freemason

Symbols can be very powerful, especially as they can elicit an emotional response. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) calls an external source that is decoded by the five senses, which in turn causes a physiological, mental or emotional response an anchor. For example, an old song which makes you feel happy as it brings back good memories, or how we associate green with ‘go’ and red with ‘stop’, how a certain fragrance can take you back in time to particular situation which may or may not have been pleasant. Is it any surprise then that commercials paint a lovely picture and then flash their logo at the end? They are anchoring you to associate their product with (for the most part) ‘feeling good’.

Symbols can anchor us.

Archetypal symbolism postulates that particular forms and shapes that have been used throughout the ages, since the dawn of mankind, have a deep imprint into the collective psyche of man. For example, basic shapes such as circles, squares, crosses, triangles etc. each have archetypal meanings and when combined together can form more complex meaning, usually on a subconscious or unconscious level. Again, this is an expansive topic and I will probably write an article on it down the track. But to give a quick example would be the circle, esoterically it is linked to the divine and infinite creator, the emblem of the universe, no beginning and no end. It is the egg of creation and is also an archaic symbol of the Sun (traditionally with a dot or a cross in the middle), which brings hope, light and safety. The zero (0) in Gematria is absolute unity, a symbol of all beginnings and is nothing we can measure because it is limitless. Isn’t it interesting that π, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, is an irrational number, that is, no finite number can represent this relationship and it does not repeat. The numbers after the decimal place go on to no end (infinity) just like the circle:

π = C/d =  3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197…  ->  ∞.

Now taking this one step further, from a metaphysics standpoint, geometry (structure) and vibration (or frequency) are very much interlinked. There are experiments showing links between geometry and sound, known as Cymatics:

It is interesting that the particles start forming more complex geometric patterns the higher the frequency and start looking like mandalas used in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. From the Encyclopædia Britannica [4]:

“The mandala is basically a representation of the universe, a consecrated area that serves as a receptacle for the gods and as a collection point of universal forces. Man (the microcosm), by mentally “entering” the mandala and “proceeding” toward its centre, is by analogy guided through the cosmic processes of disintegration and reintegration.”

Interesting, no? The next question to ask is: do shapes and patterns have vibratory fields or imprints that affect our consciousness, or at the very least speak to our subconscious? I would say yes.

So moving on, let’s define exactly why these secret societies love symbolism.

From the above discussion, we can extrapolate that symbols speak to our subconscious mind and have their own energetic imprint. Messages that bypass the conscious mind. On another level, clandestine societies use symbolism as a wink and a nod to other members, and to show the world they are the true influencers and controllers of society and we, the “profane”, are too stupid to realise. From a positive perspective it is to teach the mysteries of the ages to those wise enough to ponder and decode them. However, delving to the deepest levels of the occult, with an understanding of Natural Law (Cosmic Law), the dark occultists use symbolism and predictive programming as a means to let the world know their agenda.  They completely understand Natural Law principles; Karma, the Golden Rule, the Hermetic Principles etc. and to ‘avoid’ the consequences (Karma) of their immoral and straight up evil actions, they know we must consent to our freedom being impeded upon. Through our inability to consciously decode their messages, we are unknowingly giving them consent to continue their plans. To really drive it home:

They are providing their agenda in plain sight for anyone who knows how to read their language and since we have been told, but do not oppose their propositions/plans, we have provided consent and hence they will proceed without having broken Natural Law.

Now this isn’t necessarily true, this is their twisted logic regarding Natural Law. This process has also been coined Predictive Programming. Remember, these dark occultists HATE the fact that there are boundary conditions in this universe, not just in a physical sense, but in a spiritual and metaphysical sense. Conditions that guide moral behaviour. They want to dominate, rule and destroy other beings Natural Rights and avoid the consequences of their immoral actions. This reasoning here, in my opinion, is why they are obsessed with symbolism, subliminal messages and in turn predictive programming. Once you know how they communicate, you will see it littered throughout the entertainment industry and almost everywhere in society. And if you have been following Qanon for a while now, you will agree that:

“Their need for symbolism will be their downfall”


A brief discussion on Gematria

Gematria is the art and science of the relationship between numbers and letters/words. Building on the topics of form and vibration discussed before, words carry meaning and concepts and can elicit emotional reactions to both the sender and receiver of said message or concept. We can combine letters (symbols) which have their own energetic imprint (as discussed before) in which they synergize to form a more complex energy and carry a meaning. Words are like containers that channel infinite potential through the mind to present concepts. They can be more meaningful and impactful depending on the intention and feelings; we have all heard the saying ‘empty words’. The universe was spoken into existence. God said “let there be light”. In Hinduism this is Aum or Om.

Image Credit.

Gematria is essentially an alpha-numeric coding system adopted into Judaic mystery traditions and comes from the Greek word geōmetriā, geometry (again shape and form). From ‘Sepher Sapphires – A Treatise on Gematria – ‘The Magical Language of the Mysteries’ – Volume 1’ [6]:

“Prior to the development of the separate numbering system, each letter was assigned a numerical value. The Hebrew Aleph, and the Greek Alpha α are numerically equal to one. Therefore each word has a numerical value. The study of the correlation of words with the same numerical value is called gematria.”

From ‘The Greek Qabalah: Alphabetic Mysticism and Numerology in the Ancient World’ [7]:

“It was inherent in Pythagorean doctrine that arithmetical relationships were a manifestation of the divine, and it followed from this that the voice of heaven could be revealed by the use of isopsephy or, as it was later called, gematria. Accordingly, isopsephy became important in magic and divination, and as an aid to the interpretation of dreams and oracles.”

In a sense it is somewhat a mystical practice of unveiling the connectedness of words through numbers. It combines left brain logic of the literal assignment of words to numbers with the non-linear right brain faculties to find meaning and connectivity in the form of divination; it is both an art and a science. Numbers are encoded into the fabric of our universe and help quantify our experience and existence.

There are many variations of Gematria in terms of the assignment of numbers to letters and words such as Jewish, English and Simple (A=1 and Z=26). In addition there is a process in numerology to reduce numbers down into single digit values, i.e 1-9 or master numbers such as 11, 22, 33 etc.

An example would be:

46724 = 4+6+7+2+4 = 23 = 2+3 = 5

Again like Gematria, there are variations on numerology reduction methodologies, the above being the most simple and well know. Below are two tables which give more of an idea [8] [9]:

It is important to stress that occultists love Gematria and numerology. Not only because you can send coded messages but because mystically, numbers and symbols are linked to the divine and creation. This is a huge topic which can be discussed at length, however I will leave it here and encourage you to delve into it for yourself.

Episode breakdown and analysis

OK, now with that all out of the way, let’s move onto the analysis of F is For Family. I hope that those who are new to all this have a general grasp of the subject matter now. The context is essential to help the reader understand their language, motivations and to make following the analysis a little easier.

It is important to note, that like film, I believe cartoons are meticulous with everything that is in a shot, everything is placed for a reason (even more so if they are well versed in what I have been discussing). Additionally, I am not calling out anyone in particular who is involved in this show, I am simply revealing what I see from my understanding of the occult.

I have screen capped various scenes from the show and have numbered notable items to make it easier for the reader to follow. Many of these symbols are not innately ‘evil’ and actually have very positive meanings which I hope to discuss at length in later articles, however, their intended use here is not the case. I would argue that the Masonic symbolism being used in this show is being utilised as an identifier of who is involved and the subliminal messaging is showing what is being done. Put these together and it gives a simple equation:

Symbols + Subliminals = Predictive Programming.

By the end I hope you would agree that this is indeed a manipulative and nefarious use of symbolism and subliminal messaging for the purposes of predictive programming.

So let’s jump into it, eyes on.

Season 2 – Episode 3

1. First we have the Eye of Providence. As I discussed this at the beginning I won’t dwell on this too long, suffice to say it is a very obvious symbol which most of us know. This pops up repeatedly throughout the episode.

2. The next symbol which stood out to me was the Hamsa on a black and white checkered floor. The black and white checkered floor is a well-known and widely used Freemasonic symbol. It  can be found everywhere in modern pop culture and from an occult viewpoint, the checkers represent duality and base consciousness. You will find this on the tracing boards of the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Mason in addition to many of the Freemason Lodges as seen below:

(I will hopefully cover these in depth another time because they convey amazing allegories.)

As a little side note, it is interesting to see that the Portland Masonic Lodge (Above) has the checkerboard of base consciousness on the floor with what looks like the Sahasrara (1000 petal lotus) or Crown Chakra on the roof amongst the stars in the heavens. Showing the highest and lowest forms of consciousness a human can experience. We as humans stand in between realms and can connect with the divine if we seek to do so, as the Magician Card in Tarot represents (among many other things).

However, dark occultists see most of humanity at the checkerboard level of awareness; wandering from light to dark, having no idea of Natural Law, morality, the Self or any knowledge of true worth, and in doing so, can be moved around like chess pieces. The true adept can rise above this and attain Self-mastery. Some researchers have found connections of the checkerboard to blood sacrifices which I will hopefully discuss more in my next Subversive Symbolism article. Like the Eye of Providence, this pops up repeatedly in this season. It is a common ‘calling card’ of Masonry.

Season 2 – Episode 4

3. So this is where the theme of child abuse come in. Note how it looks as though he is sucking the life force from this baby (why not just animate a bong?). As some may know, this is all too real when it comes to Satanism, ritualistic child abuse/sacrifice and the drinking of blood (and the much talked about adrenochrome). They are also in a basement. The child looks like it is hypnotized/drugged… *Cough* MK Ultra, *Cough* Project Monarch. I will let readers who are not familiar with these topics do their own research as it is a vast subject with many facets. But for the uninitiated (have you been living under a rock?), here are a few interviews with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA or sometimes RSA) / MK Ultra:

Cathy O’Brien

Kristy Allen

Fiona Barnett

Toos Nijenhuis

You have information about Jimmy Savile being a pedophile who abused hundreds of children finally seeing the light of day (conveniently after he has passed away).

There is the Hampstead Christ Church satanic ritual child abuse cover-up. Here are the interviews with Alisa and Gabriel.

Ex-banker Ronald Bernard speaks about these Satanic circles.

The recent Pizzagate scandal (Important!):

This video got taken down at close to a million views before it was re-uploaded. If the link gets broken try searching ‘pizzagate a primer’. If you really want to delve deep you can read Fritz Springmeier’s book:

The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave

Which is available for free and delves deep into the nuts and bolts of trauma based mind control. Many of these videos are always getting taken down and re-uploaded due to the Orwellian censorship being implemented on YouTube, so apologies if any of the links are broken. Anyway, the list goes on…

4. Again we have the checkered floorboard.

5. OK, so how the heck is a stop sign an occult symbol? Well, it isn’t technically the stop sign itself, it is the octagon. And within the context of this scene I would say it is most likely being used subversively, which I will expand upon. Mark Passio discusses the Hypercube or Tesseract as one of the primary symbols Satanism. What does the Tesseract have to do with an octagon and why is it a symbol of the dark occultists? Well if you have time I would highly recommend watching his presentation on De-Mystifying the Occult, Part 2: Satanism and the Dark Occult (Watch part 1 also!).

But to provide a quick answer, here are a few slides from his presentation:

The octagon is a 2D projection of the hypercube.

6. Again we have the black and white symbolism of duality and base consciousness, this time on a unicorn. It is also wearing a black and white crown. From Manly P. Hall [4]:

“Mediæval Christian mystics employed the unicorn as an emblem of Christ, and this creature must therefore signify the spiritual life in man. The single horn of the unicorn may represent the pineal gland, or third eye, which is the spiritual cognition center in the brain. The unicorn was adopted by the Mysteries as a symbol of the illumined spiritual nature of the initiate, the horn with which it defends itself being the flaming sword of the spiritual doctrine against, which nothing can prevail.”

Truthstream Media has some interesting research on why there has been an explosion of Unicorn Symbolism recently, including links to CRISPR:

Go back and look at the frame again and you will see it in a different light. You will start to see that it is not one individual coincidental symbol, but a cluster used in a single frame repeatedly throughout the show that gives this credence. In this case, sucking the life force out of a child in a basement with the hypercube (Stop sign) and a giant checkerboard and unicorn on the wall.

7. We have the word ‘Used’ and then a triangle that looks strikingly similar to MI5 logo on front cover of the album. Note the eye of providence in the MI5 logo:

8. ‘Kind of Grey’, do you see the little UFO in the corner? Do they know something about extraterrestrials, or contact with other beings such as the ‘Greys’? Intelligence agencies are known to have links to secret societies (simply look at the MI5 logo above). While this could potentially be nothing I thought it was worth mentioning.

9. This is an interesting one as it pops up a few times. Again we have the eye and the word or acronym ‘GOG’ underneath. After a quick acronym search it popped up with this:

Now, knowing who we are dealing with would it be a stretch to say this is either ‘Grace of God’ or ‘Gift of God’? Maybe it is the Gynecologic Oncology Group? (kidding). It is interesting that in this scene only the ‘G’ is showing in GOG, again with the eye.

The Freemason logo also has a ‘G’ in it which is a symbol of the Great architect of the Universe, God or Geometry (among many other things). However, when you get to the deepest levels it is said to represent The Generative Principle or Gnosis/Gnostic. The Dark Masons believe they are the gift of god or have the full grace of (their) god behind them with their plans, aka Lucifer.

10. We have a triangle ascending with wings and a mouth open taking a pill; very psychedelic as it is set in the ’70s. Just thought this was worth mentioning.­

11. The poster ‘Squares’ with coloured blocks. Now I know what you are thinking, “how the heck is that a Masonic symbol?” Well if we look at the Freemason logo it has the compass and the square ruler:

Remember, mason literally means builder. They believe they are the builders of the new world, so this poster which says ‘squares’ and has blocks on it makes sense; these are the building blocks. This poster, like the others, pop up again later. Another thing worth mentioning is that the square represents the rigid/material or physical realm while the circle (compass) represents the divine or spirit.

12. This is where the next undertone (subliminal messaging) of child abuse comes in, in addition to child trafficking.

The main character Frank is working for a vending machine company Champagne Chariot Vending Services, stocking up candy bars around the city. The van gives off a real pedo-vibe with the child on the van eating chocolate in addition to the sexualized graffiti. They are also outside of a seedy club in this scene. It is important to note on the top of the van at the back it says Above The Law and on the bottom it says Bang Me Hard!!. In addition there is graffiti that says Dirty, Toy and Boom Time with a women/girl doing a leg spread. Not giving this much thought it is simply some crude graffiti in a M rated comedy, but after seeing the symbolism being used one could argue these are subliminal messages. Let’s continue.

Season 2 – Episode 5

2. Again we have the Hamsa-Checkerboard poster clearly in frame. Note that Frank is going into the basement with Pasta. Interesting note from Pizzagate research, Pasta = Little Boy, and Sauce = orgy. For those that aren’t familiar, please do research on this, I put a link earlier in the article.

Also from this season you see that the number’s 13 and 22 are highlighted here; the microphone is almost acting like a pointer or an arrow towards 22. 13 is a significant number linked to Astro-theology and the occult. This is a significant number for solar worship. It is also interesting to note that Pythagoreans saw odd numbers as Masculine [4]. There are:

    • 12 houses of the Zodiac plus the Sun (Horus) which makes its journey through the houses (12+1=13)
    • 12 disciples (houses of the zodiac) plus Jesus (the Sun of god) (12+1=13)
    • 12 tribes of Israel and God (12+1=13)
    • 12 Knights of the Round Table (houses of the Zodiac) plus King Arthur (Sun) (12+1=13)
    • 13 lunar months.
    • 13 Illuminati bloodlines
    • 13 is the Death card in the Tarot.
    • 13 stone steps in the Masonic Pyramid:

22 is another sacred number. The number 22 is described from ‘Sepher Sapphires – A Treatise on Gematria – ‘The Magical Language of the Mysteries’ – Volume 1’ [6]:

I. Circumference of a circle of the Archetypal World.

II. Brother C.R. left the city Fez. at age 22. Twenty-two represent the circumference of a circle (with a radius of 7), and the completion of a cycle of manifestation. In connection with Brother C.R.C. it indicates the full power of the Christ consciousness or God-Self are now ready to be manifested through the regenerated personality. Tenderness and empathy are the characteristics of an individual that has perfected their vehicle.

III. Note that the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet are the connection paths for the holy influence, Mezla, as it flows down the Tree of Life. At the magical age of 22, one has become a master of all the paths. They are a living embodiment the rose-cross.’

There are 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot (or Book of Life). There are 22 paths connecting the 10 Sephiroth (or emanations) on the Kabbalistic (‘To Receive’) Tree of Life:

Image Credit.

It is interesting that when you add the Kabbalistic paths with the Sephiroth you get 10+22 = 32; the 32 degrees of Freemasonary. The honourary 33rd degree which is by invitation only is symbolic of the Tree of Life merging with Ain Soph Aur (Limitless or Eternal Light).

Image Credit.

From Manly P. Hall [4]:

“Eliphas Levi declared that by arranging the Tarot cards according to a definite order man could discover all that is knowable concerning his God, his universe, and himself. When the ten numbers which pertain to the globes (Sephiroth) are combined with the 22 letters relating to the channels, the resultant sum is 32–the number peculiar to the Qabbalistic Paths of Wisdom These Paths, occasionally referred to as the 32 teeth in the mouth of the Vast Countenance or as the 32 nerves that branch out from the Divine Brain, are analogous to the first 32 degrees of Freemasonry, which elevate the candidate to the dignity of a Prince of the Royal Secret. Qabbalists also consider it extremely significant that in the original Hebrew Scriptures the name of God should occur 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. (In the English translations of the Bible the name appears 33 times.) In the mystic analysis of the human body, according to the Rabbins, 32 spinal segments lead upward to the Temple of Wisdom–the skull.”

The lightning bolt of the Kabbalah is analogous to the Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी) energy travelling up the 33 vertebrae to the crown chakra during the awakening of this dormant primal energy. Kundalini which literally means ‘coiled one’ (like a snake) is a form of the divine energy or Shakti which lays dormant in the base of the spine or the lowest chakra (muladhara). In addition to these connections we have the Caduceus (Hermes staff) with the two serpents entwined travelling up the staff. The rising of this primal divine energy.

Image Credit: 1, 2, 3.

Season 2 – Episode 6

There is a lot in this episode so I have broken it down into the graffiti on the van Frank drives around in and the continuing symbolism. First let’s discuss the van. You will notice that the van now has a penis and semen graffitied on the child’s face and breasts drawn underneath. I will mention they do acknowledge this in the show. It is more about the placement of this visual imagery in different scenes which speaks numbers, particularly with subliminal messaging. In the last frame above, you see Frank’s old boss trapped in the back of the van looking distressed while they are parked out the front of a school. Throw in the graphic sexualized imagery of the child on the creepy looking van. This is subliminally painting a picture of child abduction for sex trafficking. I understand that to some this may like a stretch, but I encourage you all to do your own research into the Occult, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis with respect to confusion and how subliminal messages can be encoded. Stay with me on this journey as there is a lot more. Go through this slow and really observe all the imagery in each frame, try to look past the surface level and see what is being spoken to your subconscious.

Let’s inspect the van’s graffiti a bit closer:

A. Again we have the word “Toy” on the van with the graffitied child clearly in shot. What do you think this is subliminally saying? That children are toys.

B. The word “ROM1” can also be seen which means a gypsy man or boy. Gypsies or the Romani are known to have a nomadic or wandering lifestyle. It is interesting within this context that this word is placed here; a wandering child, without a true place to call home (orphan) ends up in child trafficking (which is so often the case). Another interesting piece of information I came across while researching this is from the Wikipedia Romani People page:

“The traditional Romanies place a high value on the extended family. Virginity is essential in unmarried women. Both men and women often marry young; there has been controversy in several countries over the Romani practice of child marriage.” 

EDIT: I can’t believe I missed this but another potential meaning for ROM1 can be found in Fritz Springmeier’s book:

The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave

In the book he discusses how a programmer of a Monarch mind control victim sets themselves up to be seen as ‘God’ by using various scripture. Here is a screen cap:

I think the verse he quotes as ROM 1:7 is actually ACTS 1:7. Anyway, I recommending having a read through Chapter 10C in the link above to get a better idea.

C. You see “Lost↑” graffitied with an arrow pointing into the van. Who is lost or missing? Children who have been abducted.

D. You can clearly see on the top right of the van the word “Shamer”. This is a clear as day placement of the word and is most definitely not just a ‘random’ word. Again after a little digging, the word Shamer from a biblical context is another name for ‘Keeper’, ‘Thorn’ or ‘Dregs’. OK, so with that in mind, are these people the keeper of something? Keeper of children, or keeper of knowledge?

[E.] The words “High Tower” can be seen in the top corner of the truck. After a little digging one result that popped out was that of a company that caters to truckers. Interesting, no? Perhaps there is a link to a large scale trafficking operation?

[F.] “Comet!” can be seen on the front of the truck. Hmmm, Pizzagate anyone? Comet Pingpong pizzeria was the central focus of the pizzagate scandal. This graffiti was a little too much of a coincidence for me. Does anyone else remember the user “werkinonmahnightcheese” commenting on jimmycomet’s Instagram? Well here is a refresher:

He also posted a photo on Instagram of a reinforced van:

Coincidences perhaps. But I thought this was interesting none the less.

G. The word “Cliff” is plastered all over the front of the van:

At first I had no idea what this had to do with anything. After delving a lot deeper into Gematria and Numerology I decided to enter Cliff into a Gematria calculator, what popped up really blew me away. Below are the results:

Yes, I understand the results are ordered with respect to searches, but it is quite compelling and in a way quite synchro-mystic how it showed up. The Gematria for “cliff” is 44, as is the word “child”. Keep 44 in mind because it pops up later. Note the word ‘Sucker’ in plain sight, which is certainly what they think of us.

OK, now back to more symbolism.

13. Well this one isn’t necessarily a symbol but more of a direct message, “False Flag”. What the heck? Who names deodorant “False Flag”, even in a cartoon?

Remember Qanon mentioning that there are an unprecedented amount of Masons on scene after shootings, particularly incidences that are highly likely to have been False Flags? See drops #1630 and #1631 below:

I was reviewing the False Flag section well into writing this article and decided to go back a check some of the other Graffiti for Gematria decodes. In another sort of synchro-mystic way, again I was blown away. From Season 2 episode 5 here is another shot of the van with the number 156 clear in the frame:

After plugging this into the Gematria Calculator:

But this is just a coincidence, right?! Note the ‘you dum’ass!’ in the middle of the frame, a bit of an insult to the profane. As a quick side note, it is interesting that ‘152’ which is located next to ‘156’ in the above frame returns interesting results:

‘Ordo ab chao’ is definitely what you get from staging False Flag shootings. Hiram Abiff is a Masonic legend equivalent to the likes of Jesus, however, in true Freemasonry his fables are to be taken as allegory to teach the initiate specific lessons and wisdom.

The ‘False Flag’ deodorant is also be found in the intro (capped below). Note the man (Colt Luger) behind the False Flag deodorant can firing a gun. Seriously, what are the odds of the words ‘False Flag’ in front of a man firing a gun?

Do the Masons play an important role in False Flag events? Well after seeing the evidence Q has pointed to and seeing it here, I would say it is highly likely.

14. Another Eye of Providence, located on the lady’s helmet.

15. Again, Eye of Providence, located on the character Kevin’s headband. Note that they are on a giant checkerboard. It is interesting to note that they are charging forward towards each other on unicorns (which we discussed earlier), allegory for the masculine and feminine principles being pulled together in union, the sex force on a base consciousness level (checkerboard). He is holding a blade, symbolic of phallus.

16. We have a goat or a beast wearing what seems to be a crown with two hands underneath it in praise. Perhaps a reference to ‘The Sabbatic Goat’ or Baphomet. What is more interesting is that Shire means a division of land and Frodo is a Latin form of Fródi which is the name of a number of Danish kings. Reading between the lines this could be “Land of the King” aka “The Land of Baphomet”.

17. I wanted to add in the Yin Yang symbol as it reinforces the idea of duality which I discussed earlier with respect to the black and white checkered board.

I would like to give a breakdown of the last screenshot with Kevin and the girl as it utilises a lot of the symbols discussed earlier. Go back and have a good look at it. You can see he is happy and getting praise from this attractive women. Surrounding him are many of the Masonic symbols we have discussed. He is being adorned and is being symbolically shown as the enlightened one, he has [1.] the Eye of Providence right above his head, the [6.] GOG (‘Gift of God’) to the right of him and finally the [9.] Squares to his left.

Season 2 – Episode 8

Not too much in this episode which hasn’t already been noted. Some notable mentions are the ‘Hot Girls’ and ‘Hot Pizza’, again with the pizza theme (pizzagate). We also have ‘Sam’s Starving Boy’ restaurant. Notice that the child is within two squares (which we discussed earlier), an orange and yellow square.

Season 2 – Episode 10

Episode 10 continues to run with similar themes I have already discussed. The shot with all the vans lined up in front of an old factory gives the impression that child trafficking is a big operation. The tranquilizer and note that it is “Great for fucking”. More themes of abuse.

We can look specifically at Gematria in this episode and the use of number repetition. I would like to re-emphasise that I don’t think the numbers that show up are innately evil or nefarious; I am simply showing connections within a greater context.

Now again we have the 44 pop up after applying simple numerology reduction. Putting this into the Gematria calculator gives:

If we take a closer look at the first screen cap we see:

Referring back to the discussion on the dark solar cult we have word ‘black’ with a sword (phallic) and then a clear symbol of the Sun to the left. In addition we have a large red sun being eclipsed by a black unicorn.

We have 55 pop up after applying simple numerology reduction. Typing this into the Gematria calculator gives:


Interesting that Diana was a goddess of the moon among other things.

We have the 66 pop up after applying simple numerology reduction. Typing this into the Gematria calculator gives:

Notable is Moloch, the Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. Those were the primary decodes I was interested in as repeating numbers were popping up. If anyone finds anything else please feel free to comment.

Summary of analysis

The Masons seem to have connections or may be directly involved with False Flag shootings and child trafficking / abuse. Through deep infiltration, they are another branch of the rotten tree that is the global cabal or dark occult priests who use subversive symbolism and subliminal messages as predictive programming to flaunt their agenda in front of us.

Referencing back to the ‘Order out of Chaos’ motto on the 33rd degree sigil, it is interesting that False Flag events are undertaken to rile up chaos and fear in the masses. In turn, their order can be implemented which progresses their agenda.

Problem, reaction, solution.

Chaos sorcery.


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  2. Really on point and informative. It really drives home how deeply imbeded this stuff is. This is how they openly communicate with eachother while simultaneously making us aware of their agenda as to get our consent.
    What bothers me the most is that this has been happening since television began. The amount of impeded subliminal messages over the course if time would be impossible to fully grasp or know.
    The more I learn and know, the more I realize I don’t know anything and that it could take multiple lifetimes to absorb all the knowledge.

    I would also point out the symbolism or the horned bull. It is the bull God could be related to Saturn worship..Baal worship.. which are known to be child sacrificial cults or religions..

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